Exhibitions / Installations

  1. Exhibition - Instalation “Dean Tavoularis” The Magician of Hollywood
    On a concept conceived planned and produced  by Attiki Cultural Society, in collaboration with
    the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, and the International Film Festival of
    Thessaloniki a unique presentation of the entire film work of Dean Tavoularis with all the story boards of the films from his first
     “Bonnie and Clyde” and “Zabriskie Point” to  the Godfather , Apocalypse Now , Rumble Fish

    and all his collaboration with F.F. Coppola as well as his latest paintings.
    F.F. Coppola inaugurated the exhibition and met the public in an open discussion on cinema and the new technologies.
    The exhibition catalogue is a collector’s item
    Thessaloniki, 19 November 2005-10 January 2006
    Napoli, PAN Palazzo delle Arte, July 2006
  2. If only Art could do the same
    Peter Greenaway- Retrospective of his paintings
    Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art
  3. The Magic Theatre Curtain Exhibition/ Theatre Installation
    25 years of Children’s Theatre
    Sets, costumes, masks, props ,original music designed and realised by famous artists,  painters, costume designers were collected from all over Greece and  presented    in a major exhibition in the Poulopoulos Factory .
    Performances, music concerts,  as well as work shops for schools were organised there during the 3 months duration of the exhibition
     A fairy tale by Eugene Trivizas was specially written for the event and offered to the children
    The project was presented in collaboration and under the auspices od the Athens Mayor