The Beggar's Opera
Ballad opera by John Gay and Johann Christoph Pepusch

Herve Guibert “Le Mausolée des amants”
Patrice Chereau-Philippe Calvario,May-June 2006

Aristophanes, Lysistrata
Work in Progress
Concept Zan Paul Scarpitta
Gerard Depardieu- Fanny Ardant, 4-5 June 2007
Production of Theatre de la Madeleine, Paris

Letter to a Man
Robert Wilson with Mikhail Baryshnikov

A Magic Flute
Directed by: Peter Brook
Co produced by Attiki Cultural Society

“Penthesilea” Heinrich von Kleist
Director: Peter Stein
A commission of Attiki Cultural Society to Peter Stein for the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus,
Premiere June 2002.
The production was co produced and presented in the ancient theatres of Syracuse (Italy), Merida (Spain) and Carnuntum (Austria)

Dario Fo , “Masks in the Theater World”
Franka Rame "Medea" June 30th 2005
Herodes Atticus Odeon, June 30th 2005

Peter Brook
Based on The Mahabharata and the play by Jean-Claude Carrière

George Orwel “1984”
directed by Tim Robbins, May-June 2006

written and directed Peter Brook
with Miriam Goldberg
Theatre Horn, 19-20 May, 2008

Moliere’s ,“The School for Wives”
with the famous French actor: Daniel Auteuil
Directed by: Jean – Pierre Vincent
Presented by Attiki Cultural Society in collaboration with the
Elliniki Theamaton in the frame of Theatre Beyond Boundarie, 11-12 February 2009

Theatre Zingaro, “Triptyk”
Concept, choreography and direction: Bartabas
Music: Igor Stravinsky, Pierre Boulez
Presented by Attiki Cultural Society in collaboration with the
Olympic Committee of Athens 2004

“Medea” Euripides directed by Peter Stein
Ancient theatre of Epidaurus, 26-27 August 2005

Shakespeare’s Villains
Directed by: Steven Berkoff

“Tierno Bokar” new production of Bouffes du Nord
directed by Peter Brook
Theater Petra, Petroupolis Athens, 2,3,4 July 2005

"In the blink of the eye" Gellaladin Rumi" World premiere
Robert Wilson- Kudsi Erguner, 28-29-30-31 May 2007

Fyodor Dostoyevsky “The Great Inquisitor”
directed by Peter Brook, Bruce Meyers
Theatre Horn 16-17-18 May, 2007

“Democracy Talks” Peter Greenaway and Steven Berkoff
In collaboration with the British Council
Benaki Museum, Athens, May 2005

Ta mains dans la mienne / Carol Rocamora
Michel Piccoli-Natasha Parry
Director Peter Brook
Ilissia Theatre Athens, 11-20 May 2005

The cherry orchard

Krapp’s last tape
Samuel Beckett

Gerard Depardieu in "St. Augustin's Confessions"
Art Carnuntum Festival, Austria July 2004

Michael Sturminger, The Infernal Comedy
with : John Malkovich
Presented by Attiki Cultural Society
25, 26 May 2010

William Shakespeare Richard III , an Arab tragedy
Adopted and directed by Suleyman Al Bassam
RSC Complete Works production, 21-22 May 2007

Fugart-Kani-Ntshona “Sizwe Banzi est Mort”
directed by Peter Brook
Habib Dembele Pitcho Womba Konga, May-June 2006

Faust Fantasia” based on Goethe’s Faust, Concert for piano and reciting voice
Peter Stein (World Premiere), May-June 2006

Fyodor Dostoyevsky “Le Grand Inquisiteur”
Patrice Chérreau,
Athens Opera House, 3-4 March, 2008